posted November 28, 2023

Maintenance Worker

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Job Description

This position coordinates with engineering to maintain resort property equipment and guest rooms in proper working condition.

Description of Job Responsibilities
  • Greet all guests encountered on resort property.
  • Check log book for any scheduled preventive or scheduled maintenance.
  • Coordinate with front desk when it is necessary to place a room out of order for service.
  • Check for any burned out light bulbs in elevator; replace as needed.
  • Check for any painting issues in hallways or stairwells as approaching guest room.
  • Check condition of exterior/interior front door. Paint if needed.
  • Check for peep hole obstructions; replace if needed.
  • Check all lights for operation. Replace as needed.
  • Check operation and condition of stove, refrigerator, dishwashing machines. Contact supervisor if there are any issues.
  • Check condition of all painted surfaces -- walls, ceilings, doors, baseboards and crown molding; paint as needed.
  • Check condition of furniture; touch up as needed.
  • Check operation of all drapes; repair as needed.
  • Check that all cabinet doors, dresser drawers etc. operate correctly.
  • Check for toilet operation; correct as needed.
  • Check all faucets, shower controls etc. for correct operation. Correct any issues.
  • Check to make sure a/c filter is clean; replace if needed.
  • Check patio door lock. Make sure it is locking correctly; adjust as needed. Check screen on balcony; replace any torn screens.
  • Cut any loose carpet strings; notify supervisor if there are any issues.
  • Report anything that is suspicious to security as soon as it comes to your attention.
  • Report anything that might be considered a safety hazard to your supervisor or correct the issue on the spot.
  • Leave golf cart clean and plugged in at the end of the shift.

Required Training

  • Complete with a passing score the following training programs: Onboarding, Leadership Guest Services, Coaching Your Employees and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.  
  • Complete training or have current certification for being trained with regards to safe lifting procedures.
  • Complete training or have current certification for being trained with regards to hazards (chemical awareness, pool chemical safety, MSDS, PPE) and communications regarding presence of hazards.
  • Complete training related to bloodborne pathogens.
  • Complete training related to safe lifting procedures (in room and laundry processing).
  • Complete training related to hazards (chemical awareness, MSDS, PPE).
  • Complete training related to pest infestation identification/notification (bed bugs, etc).
  • Complete training related to room (guest) safety considerations (appliance condition/repair, room condition, safety devices and guards).
  • Complete training related to safely operating golf carts.
  • Complete training on proper ladder, hand tool and electrical safety procedures.
  • Complete training on use of Lockout/Tagout.
  • Complete training on what to say and what not to say when interacting with guests.
  • Complete other training assigned by supervisor. 

Operational Safety

In the event of an emergency, the employee will follow the Emergency Action Plan. Teach staff about resort policies regarding loss of master keys, loss/theft incidents, vehicle operational safety (golf carts) and situational awareness in order to prevent possible employee or guest accidents ( remove rocks in pathway, signage for spills or wet floors, etc.). Comply with resort policies regarding the filing of all accident/incident reports that an employee either witnesses or is involved in. Train staff that accidents/incidents must be reported before the end of the work day to the employee’s supervisor. Concerns related to EPLI issues (Employment Practices/Liability Insurance), hostile work environments, sexual harassment, etc. should be brought to the attention of the employee’s supervisor or the general manager. Follow specific equipment safety directions at all time. Wear proper safety personal protective equipment at all times. Follow proper ladder, hand tool and electrical safety procedures.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Description of Job Competencies

Competency: Guest Focused

Warmly greet guests using the guest’s name when possible. Create an environment that makes all guests feel appreciated and well-served. Anticipate and meet or exceed guest’s needs. Follow up in a timely manner on any guest issues or complaints. Provide clear and accurate directions. Thank the guest by name whenever possible.

Competency: Communication

Communicate in a friendly and articulate manner with guests and co-workers. Demonstrate respect and politeness to guests and co-workers. Listen with compassion. Ask appropriate questions to determine any cause of guest dissatisfaction. Know what can be resolved without manager assistance; know when to ask a manager to assist with a guest complaint. Avoid allowing harsh words or strong negative comments to affect personal composure. Use professional language.

Competency: Professionalism

  • Conduct all aspects of the job with a professional demeanor.
  • Meet company standards for dress, hair, nails and personal hygiene.
  • Be punctual and dependable.
  • Adhere to company values, policies and procedures.
  • Strive for perfection.

Competency: Enthusiasm

Demonstrate an eagerness to learn. Exhibit a passion for the work. Maintain a positive attitude even when stressed. Go the extra mile when asked.

Competency: Demonstrate Sensitivity

  • Relate well to guests and staff regardless of their cultural background.
  • Act with sensitivity to issues that may involve other people’s feelings.
  • Make all guests and employees feel welcomed and respected.

Competency: Safety

Plan and manage work operations in a manner that prevents injury or property damage. Follow Lockout/Tagout for maintenance issues. Perform formal investigations of all accidents and take necessary measures to prevent recurrence of similar accidents. Dispose of paint and other chemicals according to resort standards and policies. Comply with all safety regulations and eliminate unsafe conditions or hazards.
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Cheeca Lodge

214 Room Hotel


A Legendary Tropical Hideaway

Since 1946 the historic Cheeca Lodge & Spa has enchanted guests with world-class fishing, exceptional accommodations, and gracious hospitality. Come experience this lush oceanfront retreat, considered the premier luxury resort in the Florida Keys.

Timeless Luxury And Extraordinary Amenities

With one of most beautiful and secluded private beaches in Florida, Cheeca Lodge is an exhilarating tropical playground. From tennis and golf, the lavish Spa at Cheeca, and fishing off the end of the 525-foot pier to snoozing in a hammock on the beach, how best to relax is entirely up to you.

The Most Famous Of Islamorada Florida Keys Hotels

The Pioneer Cemetery. Alligator Reef Lighthouse. Indian Key. The 1935 Hurricane Monument. All these sites are precious symbols of the romantic history of Cheeca Lodge & Spa and Islamorada.

The Legend of Our Grand Florida Keys Hotel Resort

You've found it...the crown jewel of Islamorada Florida Keys hotels. A quiet wander down the sea-swept beach of Cheeca Lodge & Spa reveals the genesis of Islamorada. Imagine the Florida Keys in the late 1800's. Wreckers are salvaging sunken treasure ships off Alligator Reef. Marauding Indians have invaded nearby Indian Key. There's no fresh water. No electricity. But the lure of this island paradise was the same then as it is today. Endless sunny days and warm tropical nights. Breathtaking scenery. A laid back lifestyle. And of course, a saltwater pantry teeming with delicacies – fish, lobster, conch, shrimp and more.

Hardy Keys pioneers called Conchs chose this very beach to carve out a tenacious living in the isolated beauty of the undiscovered Florida Keys. Here, they formed a Methodist congregation and built a two-room school house and a cemetery. Cheeca has preserved this Pioneer Cemetery, where members of the founding families of Islamorada are buried. You can explore it today; it is a designated historical site. The Angel with the Broken Wing watches over the grave of Etta Pinder, who died in 1914. Here lies the first footprint of Islamorada – "Purple Isle" in Spanish.

The link of civilization with Islamorada came in 1905. Henry Morrison Flagler built his Overseas Railway, linking the Keys to Miami and beyond. With legendary storytellers like Zane Grey and Ernest Hemingway painting an alluring landscape of romance and adventure in the Keys, it didn't take long for the country's richest to discover this picture perfect tropical island paradise. They came to escape the colder climates of the East and to enjoy a sportsman's paradise. A Miami Herald newspaper reported, "Small wonder that so many sportsmen are attracted to the Keys. Here is the fishing ground of the world, where strikes are as frequent as sunny days, and specimens that would be record catches in other parts of the world are tossed disdainfully overboard to grow up." Islamorada was on the map.

The early 1940's brought electricity and fresh water. Mrs. Clara Mae Downey from Olney, Maryland, opened the Olney Inn in 1946. She described this early bellwether of Cheeca as "different – rather comparable to the tropical estate of a gifted host." Clara's first guest was President Harry Truman, who cherished his time loafing around the pool and wondering amidst the resort's 22 quaint bungalows. Over 1,000 graceful palm trees swayed in the cool ocean breezes. Another visitor was famed newsman Edward R. Murrow, who helped the Olney Inn gain an immediate reputation as a political retreat for the Washington elite.

Fast horses, high society and a healthy dose of Keys vivacity marked the reign of the Twitchell Family in the 1960's. Cynthia, better known as "Chee," was an heiress to the A&P grocery chain and owner of a top thoroughbred racing farm. "We took my nickname, combined it with my husband Carl's, and came up with "Cheeca," she recalled. The Twitchells completely refurbished the property, adding the main lodge, the oceanfront villas, tennis courts, golf course and Cheeca's trademark wooden fishing pier. Chee raised miniature tarpon and her beloved seahorses in the aquariums throughout the resort. "Suzy the Seahorse" became Cheeca's mascot and logo, gracing the resort's menus, brochures, towels and linens.

Avid outdoorsman and Coca Cola magnate Carl Navarre purchased Cheeca Lodge in 1976, hosting his Fortune 500 friends in for sunny days of sportfishing and golf. Celebrities flocked to the hotel during the Navarre tenure, including Jack Parr, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Ted Williams and Jack Nicklaus. Famous guests were reeling in giant bonefish right off the resort's pier. The "Sportfishing Capital of the World" was born, seducing wealthy adventurers from around the world.

Perhaps the most famous angler to visit Islamorada in the 1970's was George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States. Today, President Bush chooses Cheeca Lodge & Spa as his official residence during his many fishing trips. He spent time here before his inauguration in late 1989. President Bush helped co-found the George Bush Cheeca Lodge Bonefish Tournament in 1994, which has raised thousands of dollars for various charities over the years. During the 2002 tournament Cheeca opened the doors of the George Bush Presidential Retreat, the resort's most luxurious accommodation. This beautiful suite is a living history of Bush's personal and political life. It is filled with priceless photos and mementos that were donated by this former leader of the western hemisphere.

In 2005, this cherished Florida Keys hotel underwent over $30 million dollars in renovations, restoring the property and its surrounding grounds to their original grandeur, ensuring that we will be a cherished destination for generations to come. Following a fire on New Year's Eve 2008, the Main Lodge was completely rebuilt once again, with a fabulous open-air lobby, a spectacular oceanfront banquet room with panoramic views, and an exclusive indoor / outdoor lounge area for club members.